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Work with a seasoned traffic lawyer to minimize the penalties of your charge. Priya is a trusted traffic ticket lawyer in Columbus, OH, with more than a decade of experience assisting clients in the area. A traffic violation can turn into costly repercussions for you and your family, which is why you should reach out to a lawyer. A quality lawyer can help you dismiss charges, lower fines, or stop your insurance rates from rising. Reach out to Priya today to discuss your options.

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  • DUI/OVI: A DUI (Driving Under the Influence) and OVI (Operating a Vehicle While Impaired) charge are both recognized in Ohio. You can get charged with this traffic violation if you have been found driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.08% or higher. The penalties of your charge will vary depending on your test results. Even with low test results, you must pay a fine. If you have high test results, you will be penalized with limited driving privileges, have yellow plates, and must pay fines and have jail time.
  • Driving Under Suspension: Did you know that you can be charged with a first-degree misdemeanor if you are caught driving while under suspension? The penalties of this charge can be up to 6 months in jail and $1,000 in fines. In addition, the suspension of your license may be extended.

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Priya understands how stressful it is dealing with a traffic ticket or accident. As your traffic lawyer in Columbus, she will help you through the process. Priya will investigate the details of the case, such as the results of your BAC test, the police report, and more. No detail will be missed when you work with Priya. Call now and schedule legal services with her. She charges a flat fee and offers payment plans.

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