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Priya D. Tamilarasan Esq. LLC has provided trustworthy legal assistance to families and individuals in Licking County, OH, and the surrounding areas since 2013. Regarding family law and criminal defense, Priya is an attorney with extensive experience. You can rely on her to deliver professional representation whether you are looking for a family law or criminal defense attorney. Priya understands how stressful dealing with child custody disputes, divorce, and traffic citations can be; allow her to represent you.


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Priya adopts a personalized strategy because every circumstance is unique. She takes the time to get to know you before assisting you to the best of her ability. When you contact her, she will start by thoroughly consulting with you to comprehend your situation. Priya will then start going over your alternatives with you. Her goal is to assist you in developing a strategy to guarantee a favorable conclusion for your case. She makes herself readily available to clients and charges reasonable service fees.

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Call Priya now if you want to speak with a Licking County, OH area family law or criminal defense lawyer. She offers complimentary phone consultations lasting 30 minutes to all of her clients. Contact us right away to start talking about your case’s specifics. During this time, you will be able to determine how Priya can help you.

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Offering legal counsel for all your family legal matters.

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Assisting with father’s rights, parenting plans, and more.

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Get legal guidance through annulment, dissolution, etc.


Call a lawyer if you’ve been charged with violent crimes.


Priya assists clients charged with theft, assault, etc.


Have you been charged with a DUI? Contact a lawyer.


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